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A little bit about inclosed

Meet Inclosed

  • Lesley Pick

    Photo By: Geoff Johnson

    Lesley Pick

    Founder and CEO

    Lesley has plenty to do at inclosed. She works with brides everyday making sure their invites are perfectly designed and reflect their special day. When she is not designing, you can find her letterpressing and busting out to Beyoncé. She's happiest when she comes home from a hard day's work & is greeted by her husband Chad and her son Fletcher. Her favorite sayings are: "I'm serious" and "so stinking cute!"

  • Lauren Muller

    Photo By: Stan Jones

    Lauren Muller

    Creative Coordinator

    Lauren does a little bit of everything at inclosed including: client services, copy-writing, production and motivational speaking. Her favorite part about working at inclosed is getting to be a tiny part of so many happy celebrations. Lauren is especially good at packaging, looking on the bright side and always making time for lunch. She is happiest when she's sitting on the porch with her husband and their two cats.

  • Mr. Poli Poli

    Mr. Poli Poli


    Mr. Poli Poli's job at inclosed is to greet our visitors. When he is not at inclosed, he is napping on the couch dreaming of catching rabbits and squirrels. He is happiest when he goes on evening walks and marks on every fire hydrant and light-pole. Mr. Poli knows quite a few tricks including singing “Old McDonald." I'm serious.

We are a specialty letterpress print shop and design studio located in the heart of the Midwest. We have been creating wedding invitations, greeting cards and personalized stationery since 2005. Each piece is pressed on our own antique platen presses making every invite unique and special.