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Written By Lesley Pick - April 05 2019


May 02 2019

Loving this so so much! Your email made my day and I think there are so many of us that could have so much to share here!

Megan Snyder
April 24 2019

OMG. You’re adorable!! What an incredible journey and I’m excited to be on this ride!! Awesome stuff Lesley!! Next up… a podcast perhaps??? 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼😘

April 23 2019

I absolutely love this!

I am also dealing with PCOS and currently in the middle of strenuous fertility treatments. I think talking about it helps. It makes the whole process a lot less lonely once you realize how many people are also dealing with the same thing. I wish it was not so common. Keep your head up.

April 06 2019

So proud of your new adventure!
My 5 faves:
1. Took a much needed 45 minute bath (the key is to stay in until you stop sweating, TMI?!)
2. FINALLY dropped off donation clothes to The Humble Lily (thanks for the advice)
3. Tested 3 new recipes; all were a win!
4. Got some stretching and movement in 4 days, woohoo! Even looked up some videos on prime, great idea!
5. Picked up PW early one day and got to take him to his haircut. It was a success!

This was so fun to do! Can’t wait to keep this going!

April 06 2019

Love this!

April 06 2019

This is such a good idea! I’ll Girl Talk with my girl any day! Love you Les! 💜

April 05 2019

Love this idea! And love YOU!! 😘💕

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