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Let's Make Paper Magic

Thank you so much for your interest in becoming an Inclosed Letterpress Co. retailer, we would be tickled pink to have our Charmpads® in your shop! We are a happy paper and gift brand who dreams in color, mostly pink, and our goal is to inspire joy by adding personality on paper. Whether it’s writing a thank you note to a friend or creating a to-do list, we’re here to help make everyday tasks more fun!

We Don't Want To Brag, But...

Great Experience, Always!

Love these little treasures. Definitely a customer favorite for a sweet gift. Lesley just filled an order we needed for a tennis luncheon. They responded quickly and had plenty of notepads to fill the order! - Alleys & Angles

Excellent All Around

Inclosed Letterpress works hard to provide excellent customer service. This is our 2nd order and we love the Charmpads. You will too. - Marble Fox

Love Love Love

The Charmpads always sell well for us, cute cute cute! - Gus & Ruby Letterpress

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Our 2022 Catalog is available now. New Charm designs, new products, and custom Charmpads® for your shop!

How To Order

Email Us Directly

You can email us your order if you'd prefer to not go through Faire. You can find our products and skus in our catalog. If you have any questions please reach out, we're here to help! Email orders to wholesale@inclosedco.com


We've partnered with Faire to offer you free returns and net 60 terms. If you're new to Faire you'll get $100 off your first order, and free shipping with Faire for an entire year.