Our Story

Owner & Creative Director

Lesley Peterson

Inspired by her parent's entrepreneurial spirit and inheriting her dad’s love for design and printing, she created Inclosed in 2006. When she’s not making super fun paper, Lesley enjoys going on adventures with her two boys - Fletcher and John.

♡ Lesley Loves ♡


Vintage Dishes


Anything pink



And of course Paper!

We are committed to spreading love and laughter through snail mail and dedicated to creating products that promote intentional human connections.

The Charmpad® Story

In 2016, as I was preparing for The National Stationery Show, I made a last minute decision to add a few little notepads to our catalog. I started printing and unfortunately, my idea didn’t turn out like I had hoped. I freaked out (right before NSS!) but then I stumbled across some old plates: a little heart, mouth, pineapple, and phone...the lightning bolt hit! So I sat down and started printing. To my surprise, the new little notepads were SO cute! I can still remember saying to myself “hmmm… these look like charms.” And just like that, the Charmpad® came into fruition and is our best selling product!

Since 2016, we've been on an incredible journey, expanding our Charmpad® line to over 200 delightful designs! Little did we dream that Charmpad® would become such a cherished part of our Inclosed life. The joy we find in crafting new charm designs is immeasurable, each one capturing the essence of your unique passions and the everyday moments we're all proud to celebrate. Here's to creating more charming memories together!

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Grocery List

Personalized Gift

A Note for a Neighbor

To-Do List

Recipe Card

  • To Create Meaningful Products That Promote Intentional Human Connections

  • To Celebrate Happiness and Joy in Yourself and in Others

  • To Encourage Women to Embrace Their Quirks, Insecurities, Dreams, Fears, and Everyday Struggles

  • To Always Value and Nurture Relationships Near and Far

Pressed in the Midwest

We work our magic on antique letterpresses to bring the charm to your Charmpad because, hey, why not make every note as fabulous as our Midwestern city? Our studio proudly calls Omaha, Nebraska home – the Midwest's best-kept secret! 🌽 With a population almost hitting a million, this diverse and culturally rich city is bursting with creatives, Midwest values, and endless possibilities. Dive into our vibrant art and music scene, soak up the exceptional education programs – living here is not just fun, it's smart! Join us on this Charmpad adventure right from the heart of the Good Life.

Our Omaha Favorites